Double Blade Cutting Bar Heavy Version (VP) – Cutting Capacity 0/90 mm

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General features:

Registered Model (patent n° PCT/IB2013/055165)

During the years our bars have become an useful instrument to improve both green maintenance and agricultural pruning quality.
Double blade cutting bar represents the ideal choice for environment protection and valorization thanks to the double blade movement, that assures a clean and precise cut, safeguarding plant regrowth.
We eliminated all vibrations that the other branch cutter bars on sale have.
Its accurate and compact design and knives double movement make our product unique in the world.
The bar is made with Hardox 450 knives, which are very strong and resistant to stress.
With double blade system we doubled the speed with respect to other bars which are now available on the market – this aspect makes our bars top range in terms of design, reliability, speed and cut quality.
It is possible to install them on any application having an articulated arm and an hydraulic installation that makes the bar work correctly.

  • Quality of the Cut
  • Working Speed
  • Practical Operation
  • Easy Use

are the necessary requirements for a professional instrument, available for everybody.

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Instructions for a correct working of cutter bars installed on articulated arms.

Double blade cutting bars – Heavy version

For a correct working of cutter bars installed on articulated arms it is mandatory to respect the following rules:

  • The articulated arm must carry the bar weight indicated in the brochure;
  • The auxiliary plant oil capacity must respect what indicated in the brochure, for example “from 45 to 65 litres per minute”;
  • VERY IMPORTANT: you must have a single-acting auxiliary plant;
  • Mini excavators have a tap where it is possible to select the single-acting option (indicated with a hammer);
  • To connect the bar you need to have two pipe lines: a first pipe for oil entrance, a second one for oil escape – fot his model the drainage line is not required;
  • Do not use agricultural quick couplings, only use industrial flat face quick couplings;
  • It is recommended to have an oil cooler;
  • The maximum working pressure is between 120 and 140 Bars.

Valves to be used for a correct cutter bar working:

Since we do not know the various hydraulic systems that our customers have we would like to give you some detailed information about the choice of valves to be used to obtain cutter bar best performance:

  • Shockproof maximum pressure valve + oscillating valve (standard equipment):

You must calibrate this valve if the hydraulic plant pressure is superior than 130 bars. Important: communicate and check the pressure indicated in the articulated arm manual.


Characteristics Unit of measure
Cutter bar lenght and weight  

2200 mm (7.2 ft) – 270 kg (595 lb)

1800 mm (5.1 ft) – 230 kg (507 lb)

1400 mm (4.7 ft) – 195 kg (429 lb)

Revolutions per minute 120
Minimum / maximum cutting diameter 0/90 mm – (0/3.5 in)
Knife width 151 mm – (5.9 in)
Minimum / maximum discharge pressure 120 – 140 bars
Best oil flow Minimum 45 litres per minute
Packing measures to ship the articles in a wooden cage or box Cutter bar 2200 mm (7.2 ft) wooden box or cage:

lenght 2700 mm (106.29 in) x width 900 mm (35.43 in) x height 700 mm (27.55 in)

Cutter bar 1800 mm (5.1 ft) wooden box or cage:

lenght 2300 mm (90.55 in) x width 900 mm (35.43 in) x height 700 mm (27.55 in)

Cutter bar 1400 mm (4.7 ft) wooden box or cage:

lenght 1900 mm (74.80 in) x width 900 mm (35.43 in) x height 700 mm (27.55 in)


Additional information

Bar Size

VP 1400 mm (7.7 ft), VP 1800 mm (5.1 ft), VP 2200 mm (7.2 ft)

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