Our Company

We are located in Città di Castello (Perugia – Italy) and we have been operating in Umbria Region since 1990 – approximately ten years ago we started to design and build agricultural machinery with our first models for mechanical pruning. It is just thanks to agricultural technologies that we arrived to occupy a great position on foreign markets.

From high quality components for industrial machinery to tecnologies for agriculture our business steps describe a Company which gained a crucial role in Italian and Umbrian economy thanks to a meticulous diversification of its production.

We started our business manufacturing components for motor reducers and for industrial washing machines. In a short time we acquired a great position in the market. Year after year we grew a lot, being able to diversify our production by starting operating in agricultural mechanics – we are talking about our machines for mechanical pruning of fruit trees, equipped with a a double blade cutting bar.

Our bar strength is the possibility of cutting from a minimum of 0 mm (0 ft) to a maximum of 90 mm (0.29 ft). In addition this cutting system is very positive for the tree because it does not damage the cut branches, does not produce any sawdust – which can obstruct tractor air system – and avoids pathogens to transmit a disease from plant to plant. Last but not least it makes a clean cut, very similar to scissors. Furthermore, with our double blade bar the operator driving the tractor does not need to have a cabin because the cut branches fall laterally.

In order to satisfy all our customers needs we also manufacture disc bars, which allow people to cut bigger branches working faster (even though the obtained result in terms of cut quality is not the same as the one you have with double blade bars).

With our products we not only diversified our production but we also conquered foreign markets: Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland), Usa, Turkey, South Corea, Argentina, Chile and Australia. In 2020 our export sales reached 40% but we aim to soon increase them.