Widia VD 4 Bar

5.453,00 + VAT

For hedge mowers and excavators 4 – 20 tons

Our disc bar is a professional equipment for forestry manintenance. It has a 100% high resistance steel frame and a working width of 2040 mm (6.69 ft). On this bar you can install 4 discs with a diameter of 600 mm (1.96 ft), forged in tempered steel and moved by an hydraulic gear motor through a driving belt.

Our disc bar is used for pruning shrubs and small plants, with a maximum cutting capacity of 150 mm (0.49 ft). It can be installed on excavators from 4 to 20 tons with professional hydraulic installations and on hedge mowers. It is possible to have the bar with standard discs or special ones, for green pruing – maximum cutting capacity 15 mm (0.04 ft).

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Model Weight (kg/lb) Disc Diameter (mm/ft) Disc number Motor number Bar width (mm/ft) Cutting Capacity (mm/ft) Maximum pressure (bars) Maximum oil flow (L/gal/min) Transmission
VD 4 190 kg

418.87 lb

600 mm

1.96 ft

4 1 2040 mm

6.69 ft

100 mm (0.32 ft) – 150 mm (0.49 ft) 150 60 l

15.85 gal

Driving Belt

Technical features and standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic motor;
  • 600 mm (1.96 ft) Widia disc, 42 teeth;
  • Steel plate for excavator or hedge mower mounting hitch;
  • Protection blades for transport.

Instructions for a correct working of disc bars installed on articulated arms

Disc bars with one hydraulic motor

For a correct working of disc bars installed on articulated arms it is mandatory to respect the following rules:

  • The articulated arm must carry the disc bar weight indicated in the brochure;
  • The auxiliary plant oil capacity must respect what indicated in the brochure, for example “from 45 to 65 litres (11.88 – 17.17 gal) per minute”;
  • VERY IMPORTANT: you must have a single-acting auxiliary plant;
  • Most articulated arms have a tap allowing you to select the single-acting option (indicated with a hammer).
  • To connect the disc bar motor you need to have three pipe lines: a first pipe for oil entrance, a second one for oil escape and finally a third pipe necessary for motor drainage (this pipe must be free at discharge point. To do that it must be connected directly to the oil tank or you can use a T-joint filleted with oil escape pipe near quick coupling connection).
  • Do not use agricultural quick couplings, only use industrial flat face quick couplings;
  • It is recommended to have an oil cooler;
  • Important: all our bar models have a third pipe for external drainage – this solution reduces the motor oil seal breaking risk, assuring a longer life.
  • We do not recommend the use of a motor with internal drainage;
  • The maximum working pressure is 150 bars.

If you have an hydraulic installation with two pipes only you will have to buy, as an optional, the “regulation, pressure, anti-cavitation valve” available in two models (for 1/2 inch or 3/4 inches tubes).

Provided standard motor is group 2, 25 cc capacity (for installations with 70 litres (18.49 gal) capacity). If your installation capacity is different you have to select “optional” and choose the right motor based on the oil capacity:


  • Engine capacity 8 cc 20 litres (5.28 gal);
  • Engine capacity 11 cc 30 litres (7.92 gal);
  • Engine capacity 16 cc 40 litres (20.56 gal);
  • Engine capacity 22 cc 60 litres (15.85 gal);
  • Engine capacity 25 cc 70 litres (18.49 gal).